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Shops, sutlers and conference sites:

Original clothing
The Curiosity Shop
Ragged Soldier Sutlery
Genteel Arts Academy
The Midwest Civil War Civilian Conference
Originals by Kay
Mrs. Wrightsman's Corseterie and fine sewing
Myrtle Avenue Clothiers
The Civil War Lady

Reenactments and places to visit:

McDowell 1862
The Bradford Place 1863

Perfecting your persona:

Early Reminiscences. Transcribed by Linda Trent.
Nineteenth Century Dress Reform In Pictures
Homespun Living History Guild
Vicki Betts' website
Camp Chase Gazette Archives
Developing your "Persona"

Original clothing, CdV's, and fashion plates:

Portraits of Nevada
Victorian Millinery. Originals for Study
Fashion plates
Karen Augusta Antique Lace and Fashion
Period Dresses
Steeled for Style: Hoop Skirts of the Civil War Era
Katherin's Dress Site

Civil War reenacting sites:

Alaina's Civil War reenacting page
Mary's Homepage
Up Close and Personal
The Thrifty Reenactor
Miss Kathleen's Site
The Mantua Maker
Elizabeth Stewart Clark


Miller's Millinery
The Stevenson House
Bonnets by Linda Gray

Dance sites:

An American Ballroom Companion 1490-1920
19th Century Social Dance
How to Dance Through Time. Volume I: The Romance of Mid 19th Century Couple Dances
The Victorian Dance Ensemble
The Civil War Ballroom (music cd).

Lving History Groups:

Living History Society of Minnesota
The Atlantic Guard Soldiers' Aid Society
First Georgia State Line Ladies Auxiliary
The 4th North Carolina Regiment, C.S.A., Inc.

Patterns and materials:

Once Upon a Pattern
Past Patterns
Wooded Hamlet
Sewing Central
Fashion Fabric Club

Forums and e-groups:

The Athentic Campaigner
The Civil War Reenactors Discussion Forum
Direct Link to the Genera Discussion of Civilian Topics forum.
CW-Reenactors Mailing List
19th c. Women Reenactors
Civil War Civilians Discussion Group
Kearny Guards civilian list server

My other sites:

Anna's Photo Album Website